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The Gems Dance Co. is a merry band of belly dancers who've been entertaining the Ark-La-Tex since 2009. Their dance styles include American and Egyptian Cabaret annd Folkloric belly dance as well as Spanish Fusion,Steampunk, and SCA inspired Medieval dance. They are joined onstage by Logjam who drum for some dance numbers. This year at Tartan Festival, performances will include a Steampunk set featuring troupe and solo performances as well as a Fusion Delight set featuring live drumming and a guest piper!

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The Port Belly Project returns to Scottish Tartan Festival again this year! The PBP performs Tribal Fusion bellydance.  "Tribal" meaning dancing as a group, and "Fusion" the melding of dances and costumes from many countries. From Old World Folk to modern American Fusion, the PBP performs a family oriented show to a variety of music. The troupe will be performing dances to Celtic music at this year's event.